Video Streaming not working on big files

I have noticed since version 21.1 that when i want to view a video file (any compatible file format), that is larger then 20mg, that it doesnt play. The wait Spinning wheel never stops.
So i tried a small video file, 1mb or less, and it works fine and fast. THen I tried again the same file that didnt work earlier, and it works fine and fast. Then I tried a video file that is 3gb, and it streamed fine. If I close the browser or even the phone app, the problem comes back. I have to first play a small video file. Then i can play a big video file.

My Internet connection connected to my server is 1000MB/s Upload and 1000MB/s Download.

The internet connection trying to stream videos from is a 100MB download capability.

Not a speed connection issue

Hello @Robin,

Please let us know on which web browser you are facing this issue?
Can you try to play the video on different web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and let us know how it goes?