Webhooks for read/download notifications

as we want to be alerted when a user opens or downloads one of the documents in Filecloud, we’d like some more API-based functionality then the e-mail notifications available in the workflows right now.
There are a few options that we think would be beneficial:

  1. Webhooks, as the title suggests is one of the most common approaches. Filecloud would at that point call a customer defined REST service containing the document meta-data and the user information & timestamps on when the document was read/opeened.
  2. If this is considered too much of a dependency on external services, it would also be interesting to have this information in some sort of audit log which can be called through an API. With this approach, the Filecloud customer would regularly call the API to see if there are new events to capture, with an option to clear the event after having read it.

Thank you for considering this functionality. It would help us tremendously in our usage of FileCloud.


Thanks for posting.

We will consider your idea and will try to implement this.

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Thanks again for your feedback, we have already got several requests along these lines and we will hopefully something like this.

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