Why is this an alert?

Email Send Failed All the provided emails (username@company.com) are in DO NOT EMAIL list

This is a success
The user opted out of the emails, and it is working.

So I am curious as to why this is counted as an alert, which is incremented in the Summary Email
which then makes me check the server to see if something is actually broken.

Can this be fixed?


Thanks for posting.

Can you please share us with the screenshot of the alert you are getting.


Thanks for the screenshot.

This is just an information alert to notify that the email is in ‘Do not email list’. Can you please try clearing the alert and check if this occurring again.

We get it for different employees all day.
What is annoying is that it is included in the summary alert
and I don’t know it’s simply informational and it causes me to waste time checking the server for something that is functioning as intended.

To me, and according to your response, you as well, this isn’t an alert
yet it is being counted as one by your summary email


Thanks, Ryuk

We will check this on our environment and get back to you.


I tested this in our environment and the alerts (warning) don’t showed once I cleared it.

So you may please clear the alerts and check if you are receiving it again

No alerts come back after you clear it
it is triggered again

You are completely missing the point of my post.
an alert is being generated for something that is configured correctly
an alert is being generated for something that is not an alert [An Email]
and that is being shown in the Summary.

This is from today.
It is alerts for 2 different users. Both of which I HAVE CLEARED THIS ALERT PREVIOUSLY


Thanks for the update @Ryuk

I will check this with our team about this and get back to you.


We cannot disable the alerts specifically.

However, thanks for the feedback, we will try to improve this in the future :slight_smile: