Add Copy to Clipboard button to Manage Share window on web interface

Ricardo M shared this idea 12 months ago
Under Consideration

On the web interface, if an item already has an existing share link, when you right-click on it, you get the Manage Share option on the context menu.

On the top you have the share link. Currently there are 3 buttons there.

I suggest one of them to be a Copy to Clipboard button.

Currently selecting the link manually and pressing Ctrl+C doesn't copy just 1 line of text. It includes a paragraph before the link, so when you paste it on Outlook or Excel, it'll be 2 lines of text, in case of Excel, it'll page the link one row below.

So the user has to open notepad, paste the link, delete the additional first empty line of text, and then copy the link again.

Plus having the Copy to Clipboard process will fall in line with the rest of the process which was mouse-based.

Users can always right-click on the link and copy to clipboard, but some techtard users don't know of this feature and this varies by browser and has more clicks than having the Copy to Clipboard button being part of the interface.

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Thanks for the input, we will consider adding this support.


This should be an easy fix and is indeed missing. Can't count the amount of times I've looked over someones shoulder and watch them get confused on this part.


Thanks, this has been escalated and added to 19.1