Admin portal > audit > show country aside IP column

Ricardo M shared this idea 9 months ago
Under Consideration

Admin portal > Audit > IP Address.

I'd like to suggest for a new column Country to be added to show where the IP address is from.

The hovering map simply has never worked. Sometimes it shows the world map with no countries highlighted, and sometimes just the box with no world map.

I currently have to Google the IP address. And currently the interface doesn't let me copy the IP address text to the clipboard. I select the text with the mouse, but as I release the mouse button, the IP address text gets deselected. So I have to retype the IP address to Google where that is from.

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Thanks for the feature request, we will consider this in the future.

It is strange that the current hover map is not working, do you have an outgoing connection to the internet from your FileCloud Server?