FileCloud Drive - better handling of no connectivity

Thomas M. shared this idea 23 months ago
Under Consideration

I think the way Filecloud drive handles the host being offline should be changed and work much more subtle. Instead of simply timing out with an error "cannot reach host" and then continue to show the login screen, it should simply retry the login, in the background, until the user is connected to the internet. Perhaps a discreet Windows notification could be shown to inform the user that there is connecitvity issues. This suggestion goes hand in hand with my previous suggestion to make the entire software more subtlte, like an "always-on-top" dialog of the drive being mounted should be optional.

Users who do not know any better won't know that they need to restart the software once they're online again and for those who have to use device authentication because og SAML/SSO, it will be even more annoying.

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Thanks for your feedback, we will consider this feedback and look into improving the behavior for the future releases.