FileCloud Drive installer should close running instances before installation

Brian Applegate shared this idea 2 years ago

PROBLEM: Having multiple users that are spread throughout the US, it becomes very difficult to keep up with each user and keep their software updated. When a user gets notification to upgrade their software, they click on the notification, the software downloads, they try to click "run", but because FileCloud Drive is already running, the installation cannot continue and it fails. Users do not know how to exit FileCloud Drive, and thus the software is not getting updated.

SOLUTION: write the installer so it forces a close of any running Drive instances, and THEN install the new version.

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Thanks for your feedback. We have received this feature request from other customers as well.

We are happy to report that in the the next release 15.0, this will be fixed. If Drive or Sync is already running, the installer will allow the user to terminate it and continue the install.