Greater flexibility when attaching files using FileCloud for Gmail Chrome Extension

Mark Evans shared this idea 15 months ago
Under Consideration

Using the FileCloud for Gmail Chrome extension we can attach files as either data (the file itself) or as a link.

We would like to be able to use this feature and send files inside and outside of the business as links, but doing so automatically creates a share on that file or folder.

For security, we have switched off public sharing, and so the recipients of these emails will only be able to access the linked file if they already have permission to view said file or folder. This is fine, the problem is that a share is still created on the file in question, albeit an "empty" share.

As such, my base feature request would be to be able to attach files as links (as if pasting a "Direct Link"), but not to create a new share on such files.

Ideally, this would be an administrative option which would restrict and deny share requests made through the FileCloud for Gmail extension.

A secondary option to also deny requests made to attach files as data would also be handy (again for security, to make it harder for files to be stored unwittingly in people's "Sent" folder).

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Thanks for your feedback. Direct Link support is available currently in the web interface (not in the Gmail Chrome extension).

We will consider it for the future.