Helper Service on Linux Platform

Milton Suen shared this idea 13 months ago
Under Consideration

Customer refuse to use Windows Platform but FileCloud Server's Hepler Service not support on Linux and this cause FileCloud Sync Apps unable to support realtime sync with Network Shares.

Is there any planning or roadmap to enable FileCloud's Helper Service on Linux (i.e. Ubuntu)?

When will FileCloud Server support Ubuntu 18.04 LTS?

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Thanks for your feedback. Are they interested in Helper for indexing network folders or for something else?

We don't have many requests for this so we haven't supported this so far.

Regarding 18.04 LTS support, we will move typically after a while and we need to use the new PHP modules.


Potential Customer environment is complicated, all SMB Shares are share out from MacOS. LDAP is Apple Open Directory. Windows Desktop Clients and MacOS Clients are authenticate against with LDAP.

FileCloud Server installed on Ubuntu (download OVA from FileCloud portal), tested FileCloud Drive, auto locking of files looks not working very well in their environment. Alternatively customer request FileCloud Sync Apps able to sync with Network Shares realtime but we find that it only support minimum 30 mins.

Looks like realtime sync with Network Shares require "FileCloud Helper Service", unfortunately customer refuse to install Windows Server in their environment. Seems not recommended FileCloud Server on Linux to work with Helper Service on Windows.

This is the main reason asking do "Helper Service" available running on Linux?