Hide FileCloud username in redirected share URL's

Chris W shared this idea 14 months ago
Under Consideration

The share URL is a randomly generated link. However after that link is clicked on, it redirects to a longer URL that contains the FileCloud username for the user. Especially with AD integration, this is a security flaw as it now gives any recipient of a share, my Active Directory username. To clarify, if John Smith creates a new share using the Outlook Add-in, it will create a share like this; https://filecloud.OurDomain.com/url/unxv7nba41xz2cux. But after clicking on the link, the URL is redirected to; https://filecloud.OurDomain.com/ui/core/index.html?mode=single&path=/SHARED/jsmith/Ky7wOpigpIU5M9J0&secure=1. I would like a way to obscure the username.

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Thanks for the feedback. We will consider this request.