Option for terse file upload notifications

System Administrator RMCI shared this idea 22 months ago
Under Consideration

Our guest users upload hundreds of files at a time. The email notifications for FileCloud 17.3 have gotten very verbose, which can produce unwieldy messages.

One possibility could be to have an option in Manage Settings->Misc->Notifications that would produce a much more compact output.

Another possibility would be that if over some number of files (say 50 or so) are uploaded in a single time, the message could be abbreviated.

A possible format of the notification email could be:

user1 uploaded 43 file at 10:00 via a web browser

My Files/Shared Folder/File001

My Files/Shared Folder/File002

... (list all of the files)

My Files/Shared Folder/FileXXX

This would not give the exact time of each file, but that information would be in the audit log if it was needed.

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Sorry for the delay in approving. Noted, this makes sense, we will consider your feedback.


From version 17.3, you can completely customize the notification email and message content through the email templates.


Check "Notification Email" and Notification Item. Notification email template is the main email body. Notification Item is the individual files that needs notification.

However, we don't have support to aggregate multiple notifications under one entry even though there is a limit of 50 (customizable) items in a single notification email.