Policy Share Mode

Georg Leitner shared this idea 20 months ago
Under Consideration

Add the possibility to only allow public sharing, so all options are on the table and none is missing

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Thanks for posting! We will consider your feedback for future enhancements.

We understand the completeness, but just to make sure we understand this requirement, could you tell us any specific use case scenario you are envisioning.


the use case is simple. the company does allow different user groups different share possibilities. i would suggest to bring all options to the policy list:

  1. Allow All Shares
  2. Private + Password
  3. Private + Public
  4. Password + Public
  5. Private
  6. Password
  7. Public
  8. Shares are not allowed

this would give a very granular control over the share options for users. i do not know if all options are currently needed, but for us password only is the use case. All users should be allowed password only shares, which is currently not possible.