Receive files via hyperlink

runningfoxx shared this idea 2 years ago


Just thinking about simple ways to receive files.

If you use a service like WeTransfer you can upload a file and it will be sent to the recipient as an email with a hyperlink.

Any plans for this in FileCloud?

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Thanks for the feedback.

Are you looking to receiving files? You can create a "Upload Only" share folder that someone can upload into.

You can email them the link to the share and they can upload files into it.

Let us know if that helps you.


No I want to receive a link, not send one.

What I was thinking of was a way to allow people without an account to upload files to us.

So they input the email address they want a link sent to and browse to the local file.

We get the link from which we can download the file.


Thanks for clarifying, but without setting up a resource before hand, it is impossible from the security perspective to allow external users (without accounts) to upload files into FileCloud. They can only upload if someone has allowed them to upload into a folder location ahead of time. Maybe we are missing some consideration here. Thank you.