ServerSync suggestions

Preston Cole shared this idea 22 months ago
Under Consideration

Hi everyone.

Maybe I was hoping for too much. You can all tell me I'm sure.

I was hoping ServerSync would allow me, a FileCloud reseller/partner/provider, to host a companies data on my FileCloud server, and have their on-prem Windows server sync their local data with my FileCloud server.

It would be really cool, if it's possible, to have X:\shared\accounts sync to myFileCloudServer\NetworkShare\Accounts for example.

ServerSync only seems to be able to sync from local server to a MyFiles location.

Would love syncing to Network Shares.


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Preston, Thanks for the feedback, we will consider your request for the future.


Thanks guys, hope my idea isn't a dumb one!


Not at all, we need to understand what our customers need regardless of how our product works.