SSO for Applications

Georg Leitner shared this idea 21 months ago
Under Consideration

We use a strict authentication via Smartcard in Windows, thus our users do not have a Username / Password combination. So we are using SSO with ADFS (Integrated Windows Authentication), no Username or Password needed for the FileCloud website.

For the desktop apps there is the possibility to authenticate via a code, but this is also troublesome for the users.

On the other side, we wanted to use the Outlook AddIn, as it would give us a hughe benefit for sending bigger files - e.g. automatic upload of files of a certain size and autocreation of the share link,... But the Outlook AddIn does not support SSO nor code authentication.

so all in all i would like to have SSO for all Apps incl. Outlook AddIn and to preconfigure all options of the applications (more options for mass deployment eventually GPO support)

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Thanks for the feedback. We will consider adding this support.