Using ServerSync with NTFS Helper

Thomas M. shared this idea 12 months ago
Under Consideration

It could be very cool to use ServerSync to basically sync an entire Windows SMB share to a Filecloud tenant and then grant permission to the files and folders on the Filecloud end, based on NTFS Helper - much like we can do by using network shares.

Our scenario is that we have customers with regular fileshares where they might wanna use Filecloud as a possibility to easily share files and give external users access. Our current setup is clumsy because we open up for SMB traffic going from the fileserver to our Filecloud server on an entirely different subnet.

I know that ServerSync can sync permissions but the way I read it, it's not the same as what the NTFS Helper can do - or maybe I'm mistaken?


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Thanks for the feedback. Please note server sync syncs files and permissions from FileCloud to the local server. These files can be shared via the LAN.

The disadvantage of such a setup is the duplication of storage in the windows server and inside FileCloud.